Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Pilgrim’s Progress PDF and EPUB Book

The Pilgrim’s Progress

By John Bunyan

The Pilgrim's Progress from This World, to That Which Is to Come is a 1678 Christian allegory written by John Bunyan. 
 It is Observed as one of the most meaningful works of religious English literature. It has been translated into more than 200 languages. It has also been cited as the first novel written in English.

Published On: 1678
Author: John Bunyan
Genres: Fiction, Allegory, Christian Fiction Speculative fiction,
Language: English
Adaptations: Pilgrim's Progress: Journey to Heaven (2008), Pilgrim's Progress (1979)


Sunday, 29 October 2017

Feludar Goendagiri ("ফেলুদার গোয়েন্দাগিরি") PDF Book

Feludar Goendagiri

ফেলুদার গোয়েন্দাগিরি

By Satyajit Roy
Feludar Goendagiri is a small story written by Satyajit Ray featuring private investigator Feluda (Felu Mittir). It was the very of the total 35 stories of feluda series. The story first Released in 1965 in the children's magazine Sandesh. This story introduced Feluda and his cousin Tapesh (Nicname 'Topshe') . Topshe is the narrator of all the 35 stories.
Published On: 1965
Author: Satyajit Ray
Genre: Detective fiction
Country: India
Original title: "ফেলুদার গোয়েন্দাগিরি"


Saturday, 28 October 2017

Ulysses PDF and EPUB Book


 By James Joyce
Ulysses is written by Irish author James Joyce. It was first serialized in parts in the American diary The Little Audit from Walk 1918 to December 1920 and afterward distributed completely in Paris by Sylvia Shoreline on 2 February 1922, Joyce's 40th birthday celebration. It is thought to be a standout amongst the most essential works of innovator writing and has been called "an exhibit and summation of the whole development". As indicated by Declan Kiberd, "Before Joyce, no author of fiction had so foregrounded the way toward considering."
Author: James Joyce
Published On: 2 February 1922
Genres: Novel, Fiction
NO. Of Page: 1305
Set in: Dublin, 16–17 June 1904
Characters: Leopold Bloom, Molly Bloom, Stephen Dedalus etc.

Pather Panchali(পথের পাঁঁচালী) Bengali PDF Book

Pather Panchali(পথের পাঁঁচালী)

By Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Pather Panchali is written by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay and was later adapted into a film of the same name by Satyajit Ray.
Pather Panchali Expose life of the Roy family, both in their paternal village in rural Bengal and later when they move to Varanasi in search of a better life, as well as the trouble and loss they face during their travels.

Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay
Published On: 1929
Genres: Bildungsroman, Tragedy
Country: India
Pather Panchali (1955), Aparajito (1956)


Friday, 27 October 2017

Robinson Crusoe PDF and EPUB Book

Robinson Crusoe

By Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe Was written by Daniel Defoe, was published on 25 April 1719. Many readers believes that he was a real person and the book a travelogue of true incidents.
The book is presented as an autobiography of the title character Robinson Kreutznaer who was spends twenty-eight years on a tropical desert island near Trinidad.
Published On: 25 April 1719
Author: Daniel Defoe
Characters: Robinson Crusoe, Friday, The Portuguese captain, Xury, The Spaniard
Adaptations: Crusoe (2008), Robinson Crusoe(1997) etc.
Genres: Adventure, Historical Fiction

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Great Gatsby PDF and EPUB Book

The Great Gatsby

By F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby (1925) by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald that follows a cast of characters living in the fictional town of West Egg on prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922.
Published on: 10 April 1925
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Language: English
Characters: Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, Nick Carraway etc.
Genres: Novel, Historical Fiction
Film Adaptations: The Great Gatsby (2013), The Great Gatsby (1974), The Great Gatsby (2000), The Great Gatsby (1949), The Great Gatsby (1926), G(2002)

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift PDF and EPUB Book

Gulliver's Travels

 by Jonathan Swift

Gulliver's Travels is a prose Jonathan Swift, that is both a satire on human nature and the "travellers' tales" literary subgenre. It is Swift's best known full-length work, and a classic of English literature. He himself claimed that he wrote Gulliver's Travels "to vex the world rather than divert it".
The book became popular as soon as it was published.

Published: 28 October 1726
Author: Jonathan Swift
Publisher: Benjamin Motte
Genres: Fantasy, Satire
Country: England

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